Welcome to Sexualia!

My name is Sebastian Glöckner and I’m the founder of Sexualia

I’m a clinical psychologist and a sexologist. Whether you are here to find general information or there is a specific situation you want to change and you are looking for sex therapy in Madrid, I’ll do whatever is in my hands to help you.

Our mission

Our mission is to give people access to information about their sexuality in order to avoid problematic situations in the future. If the situations are already present, you are in the correct place to start solving them.
I invite you to explore the website or get in touch with us to tell us about your case by pressing this button.

Shall we call you?


We offer different options to help you live your sexuality in a more satisfactory way.


For a more detailed description of the therapies we offer, we invite you to visit our therapies section.


Our blog

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