Orientación sexual

Our sexual orientation tells us which sex we find ourselves attracted to.

Here we can find two categories, homosexual (attraction to people of our same sex) or heterosexual (attraction to people of the opposite sex). Although these are two exclusive categories, there are many intermediate states, which range from the mainly heterosexual through the bisexual (the sex of the other person doesn’t matter) to the mainly homosexual person.

In general, people who go to therapy to find help regarding this subject, do so because they feel that they do not fit into what society sees as normal, mainly because they are not heterosexual. This happens because society in general still sees homosexuality as being abnormal and this creates many problems, such as in their family, job or social surroundings.

In therapy we can help those who struggle with or are not sure about their sexual orientation. We can help to accept themselves as they are and try to find solutions to their problems. Most of all, we offer understanding and support.

What will I encounter?

In a first free session, a properly trained professional in psychology and sexology will make a first evaluation of the situation that is bothering you.

As the therapy progresses and based on the information you give, the therapist will assign exercises to do at home and which will be evaluated together in later sessions. The therapy adapts completely to the advances that will appear, adapting to the new needs.

Everything that you talk about in the sessions is under professional secret, which guarantees confidentiality and privacy.

If you have any questions or want to clarify any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help you.

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